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Mad Max: Fury Road | Movie Review

Mad Max Fury Road 2

Tom Hardy picks up the reins as George Miller's titular hero in the action opus, 'Mad Max: Fury Road'. Does he live up to the legend?

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Ep 186 | The 2015 Summer Movie Preview

summer movie preview

Summer 2015 is upon us, so it's time to discuss the movies that are finally coming our way. Listen as we discuss them all!

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Mythica Producers Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin


Listen here to our interview with Mythica Producers Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin

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Furious 7 | Movie Review

furious 7

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker return to the streets in Furious 7, this time being hunted by Jason Statham. Does the franchise still have gas?

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Ep 183 | The Most Important TV Show Ever

twilight zone

Listen to this week's podcast as we discuss what makes a TV show important, reviews of Get Hard and It Follows, movie news, and much more!

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Man From Reno | Movie Review

man from reno

Man from Reno stars Ayako Fujitani as a writer caught up in her own mystery. With the help of a local Sheriff, will she be able to solve it in time?

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An Act Of War | Movie Review

The Projectionist 2

An Act of War is a harrowing journey of a man's descent into darkness. Here is our review.

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Trailers | Spectre | Maggie


The first look at the new James Bond film is finally here! Watch the teaser for Spectre and the new trailer for Maggie here.

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Inside SXSW 2015

sxsw logo

Listen to our inside take on this year's SXSW festival. From the experience to the films, here is everything you need to know.

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Bryan Coyne | Director of Infernal


Listen in as we discuss director Bryan Coyne's new horror film, Infernal. Also discussed, filming in found footage style, the state of horror today, and much more.

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