Interview with Director Rod Blackhurst | Here Alone

Here Alone follows Ann (Lucy Walters), a young woman forced into solace as society has been nearly wiped out due to an unforeseen plague. With a risk of infection surrounding her, Ann cements her position deep in the woods, cutting herself off from human contact. After a chance encounter with an injured man, Chris (Adam David Thompson) and his companion Olivia (Gina Piersanti), Ann must decide if she will remain in hiding, or if fate will force her hand.

In the Tribeca Audience Award winning Here Alone, director Rod Blackhurst downplays post-apocalyptic horror and instead focuses on characters. Specifically the choices a person will make when all reason has seemingly vanished from sight. For our exclusive interview, Rod discusses his previous work on the Amanda Knox documentary, harsh production elements endured throughout, identifying Lucy Walters as the perfect Ann, and why this was a story he needed to tell. Don’t miss this engaging interview with a director on-the-rise!

Here Alone arrives in theaters and on VOD March 31, 2017

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In HERE ALONE, a young woman struggles to survive on her own in the wake of a mysterious epidemic that has decimated society and forced her deep into the unforgiving wilderness, until she encounters two other survivors who make her confront her past while putting all of their lives at risk.

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