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The Crash stars Frank Grillo as Guy Clifton, a very intelligent man who has been caught manipulating the US financial system for his own gain, and is now facing serious jail time. When the US government realizes there is an impending breach by cyber-terrorists that could crash the system, they agree to bring in Guy’s team of hackers and programmers to thwart the attack before it ruins America. The film also stars Minnie Driver as his business savvy wife, forced to deal with both her husband’s possible prison sentence as well as her daughter’s serious medical affliction.

The one very distinct difference between The Crash and other thrillers in this genre is that Guy Clifton is no hero, instead, Clifton is a selfish capitalist who has manipulated his way to the top. For this exclusive interview, writer-director Aram Rappaport sits down with Aaron to discuss his new film and why this was such an important story to tell, his journey to Hollywood, and exactly how a director creates tension in this scenario. From concept to execution, don’t miss this intriguing interview with a director on the rise.

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Set in the future when the US economy is on the brink of yet another massive financial crisis, The Crash tells the story of Guy Clifton, a federally-indicted stock trader, who is secretly enlisted by the federal government to help thwart a cyber-attack aimed at the US stock markets – an attack that could permanently cripple the economy.

Our ‘richer than God’ protagonist is charged with assembling a team capable of running the government’s top secret ‘shadow stock exchange’ in an attempt to keep the markets from mass panic in the event the cyber-hijack is successful. Having only ever been fueled by his love of money, Guy fully intends to use his insider knowledge of this world catastrophe for personal gain until he unearths the organization behind the attack and discovers its motives. For the first time in his life, Guy is challenged to make decisions not only for himself, but also for the good of his country – decisions that are rooted in morality rather than dollar signs.

This fast-paced, save-the-world thriller is a story of redemption that also challenges the audience to question if their money is safe, and if so, for how long.

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