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Ep 147 | The Exorcism of the HO

Demonic Possession in Film is our topic this week, discussing upcoming releases including Tammy & Deliver Us From Evil and much more! Listen to our latest Hollywood Outsider here!

Ep 136 – Hanging Off A TV Cliff

Our topic this week: Is it time to retire the TV cliffhanger? Upcoming releases, review of Noah, movie news and after our normal episode: Our Walking Dead Spoilercast! It's a fun new episode of The HO!

Ep 134 | HOw Far Is Too Far?

On this week's episode: How far can a character go before you stop rooting for them, reviews of Bad Words & Need For Speed, upcoming releases Noah & Sabotage and much more. Listen here!

Inside the Movie | SXSW

One of the largest film festivals in the country recently occurred and we have the inside look at what the SXSW festival is, what all the hype is about, and especially: The Movies!