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Wonder | Film Review


"Wonder" stars Jacob Tremblay, Juliea Roberts, and Owen Willson and tells the emotional story of 5th grade boy with mandibulofacial dysostosis who deals with entering a mainstream school for the first time.

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Justice League | Film Review

Justice League brings together DC's heroes of legend, as they join forces to defeat a global threat in Steppenwolf. Read on for our spoiler-free review.

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The Archer | Film Review

Anchored by Bailey Noble's breakout performance, The Archer follows a troubled teen on the run from a criminally run youth camp.

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Happy Death Day | Film Review

Happy Death Day

Scott reviews "Happy Death Day", the Groundhog Day-like story with a murder mystery twist directed by Christopher Landon and starring Jessica Rothe.

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M.F.A. | Film Review

Francesca Eastwood stars as Noelle, a college student who is raped and sets out on a path for personal justice in director Natalia Leite's M.F.A.

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