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If you have listened to Remake This Movie RIGHT!, you might have wondered who these people are that infect your earlobes on a bi-monthly basis? We try to bring in many different voices and personalities to the show, in order to keep it fresh and diverse. That said, there are a few you will hear on numerous episodes of our show, and they have been deemed ‘Remake Architects’, official partners or co-hosts of the show whom you have heard on a regular basis.

Below you can find a few more details on these hosts, as well as where to find them. Also, remember that every movie you love will get a remake someday, and only you (and possibly these guys) can make it better!

Aaron Peterson


When we began The Hollywood Outsider in 2011, not many podcasts focused on the BIG PICTURE in film and television. Instead, it was generally cemented around discussing or mocking one specific movie, typically with a heavy-handed dash of elitism. We wanted more than that and, as a critic myself, I needed more than that. Therefore, The Hollywood Outsider was born in an attempt to discuss a myriad of topics, while also serving as a forum for the ‘Average Joe’ – those film buffs who can appreciate Taxi Driver just as much as they can Transformers – to listen and laugh without an ounce of pretentiousness. I try to approach each film on its own merits, and through the eyes the filmmakers intended. Remake This Movie RIGHT! was likewise born in this regard, as a show where we can stop accepting Hollywood’s updated versions of our favorite films, and instead showcase what us fans REALLY want to see.

Enjoy yourself. Be unique. Most importantly, ‘Buy Popcorn’.


Wayne Henderson


You have heard his trailers, you know his voice, but do you know The Man? Podcasting and voice acting for over ten years (whose services can be found at, Wayne’s love of podcasting and watching mysterious television series go together so well, he has previously podcasted about LOST, Fringe, Resurrection, 11.22.63, Revenge, and Under The Dome. He also hosts podcasts devoted to the Green Bay Packers and to Voice-Over careers. Wayne is married, with two grown children, and four young Packers fan grandsons! And, while taking ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray, he was told he has “good floor craft.” You can follow Wayne on Twitter @WayneHenderson.

Troy Heinritz


You might know him from Remake episodes where he, on occasion, goes ‘Full Heinritz’ (i.e., goes so far outside the box, he forgot anyone brought a box). Hailing from the midwest, Troy is a lover of Sci-Fi, Bad Robot enthusiast, Trekkie, and overall TV Junkie. Troy once had three TIVOs to allow him to record 6 shows at once! He is part owner of the 13 time world-champion Green Bay Packers. Working at radio stations KQAL and KHME before relocating to Chicago, he has a broadcasting degree but also works in the technology industry in cloud computing. Troy then moved into the world of podcasting, debuting with the Under the Dome Radio podcast. In 2013 Troy hosted TV Talk ‘The Blacklist’ and TV Talk ‘Revenge’, on the TV Talk Network. Troy recently hosted fan podcasts 11.22.63, Under the Dome Radio and Resurrection Revealed, and now brings his previous Blacklist knowledge to The Blacklist: Exposed podcast. You can follow Troy on Twitter @troyheinritz.

Amanda Sink


Movies have always been a massive part of my life and family, and are seen as a bonding experience, something I will pass down the line in the future. While that may seem peculiar to some, you reading this probably understand. As an avid movie & television junkie, I enjoy the content of just about every genre of film while favoring horror. It’s one of the most relaxing and yet adrenaline filled experiences for me. I love submersing myself into the content and getting wrapped up in the different stories, characters and visuals. I like to maintain an open-mind to all movie types, giving them the fair chance that they deserve. Except for Lady in the water, that should have never had a shot. You can follow Amanda on Twitter @_Ayaa

Brian Williams

My interest in movies started as a kid during the explosion of iconic movies being released in the 70’s. The 80’s only nurtured that love, followed by the 90’s which saw my interest really kick off with the likes of Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas, and anything Quentin Tarantino touched. Somewhere along the line, I’ve acquired a love for the classics such as Casablanca and foreign films like Yojimbo and Das Boot. Having worked in the U.S. Coast Guard and Merchant Marines, I acquired a monster movie collection as I would buy movies to take underway to have something to watch. This led to me being the ‘go to guy’ for anything cinema within my circle of friends and family. This opportunity to record my ramblings about movies is a pleasure and I am humbled that you take time out of your day to listen to our silly opinions.


Scott Clark


I’m often referred to as the ‘Everyman’ of the group, as I was raised to escape not through film or TV, but through video games, therefore I approach the podcast and reviews just as I perceive most of you do. A Host on The Hollywood Outsider since 2011, I have also recently begun a podcast dedicated to my favorite hobby, gaming. It can be found at