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15 years ago, George Clooney and his frequent collaborator, director Steven Soderbergh, set out to remake the Brat Pack classic, Ocean’s Eleven. The film told the story of Danny Ocean (Clooney), a con man fresh out of prison, who sets out on a mission to rob one of the wealthiest men in Las Vegas, NV – Terry Benedict. Not only will he rob Terry’s casino, but he plans to rob all THREE of Benedict’s casinos in one night. To do this requires a team of the best of the best, and those men are Ocean’s Eleven.

This week on Remake This Movie RIGHT, we are LIVE at the Blue Box in Elgin, IL to celebrate the anniversary of this great heist film but constructing our own modern version, complete with audience participation and more than a few curveballs. Take a listen as Aaron, Troy and Amanda attempt to bring the cool back to heist movies and Remake Ocean’s Eleven RIGHT!

Clips selected from the 2001 film, Ocean’s Eleven.

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Fresh out of prison, Danny Ocean wants to score the biggest heist in history, deep in the heart of Las Vegas, NV. He combines an eleven member team, including Frank Catton, Rusty Ryan and Linus Caldwell. Their target? The Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand. All casinos owned by Terry Benedict. It’s not going to be easy, as they plan to get in secretly and out with $150 million..

What IS Remake This Movie RIGHT?

Remake This Movie RIGHT! is a bi-monthly podcast where we take a classic film that is actively being remade by Hollywood studio execs, and craft our own version for a modern retelling. Does the story need updating? Should characters or motives be tweaked? Do we need more muppets? We take all factors into account, concoct our singular film, and then offer a Final Pitch to you in movie trailer form. By the end of each episode, we will Remake This Movie RIGHT!

Our show is broken down into three distinct parts:

The Original: We discuss the original film’s impact on us and history, some quick trivia bits, what worked the best from the film and therefore must remain in our upcoming remake, as well as what didn’t work or what needs to be changed for today’s audiences. Most importantly, should this film even be remade?

The Remake: We put together our movie! What story do we want to tell, how close to the original will it be, who will star, and ultimately who should direct our eventual cinematic masterpiece? Our hosts work together to put together one cohesive movie, but there is one caveat – Each host has one ‘CUT!’ throughout the episode to employ, which could completely derail the entire film.

The Final Pitch: This is where we summarize our remake by utilizing the voice talents of voiceover artist Wayne Henderson and present our finished remake to you in movie trailer parody form!

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Aaron – The Hollywood Outsider | The Blacklist Exposed
Amanda Sink – Remake This Movie RIGHT!
Troy Heinritz – The Blacklist Exposed | Beyond Westworld
Wayne Henderson – Media Voice-Overs | Voice-Over Journey Podcast | Packers Fan Podcast
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