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Set among a group of London bicycle messengers, “Alleycats” follows Danni (Eleanor Tomlinson), an estranged member who has returned just in time for a family tragedy. As she investigates what seemed at-first-glance nothing more than happenstance, Danni comes to realize that a member of the British parliament (John Hannah) bears responsibility and it is ultimately up to her to finally bring the truth to light. Everything culminates in an exciting conclusion centered around an infamous Alleycats race.


In this exclusive interview, director Ian Bonhôte dropped by The Hollywood Outsider to discuss his latest film, “Alleycats”, from conception to distribution. While many may be unfamiliar with the concept, Alleycats have existed for many years, and are a prominent fixture in the underground cycling subculture. Ian elaborates on his personal experience with these groups – even partaking in the event itself – and what drove him to set his first feature film in this world. “Alleycats” is a celebration of a lifestyle, and the enthusiasm Ian has for the project shines through as we discuss various aspects of the production.

A great interview with a filmmaker on the rise, take a listen to our interview with director Ian Bonhôte.

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Ian Bonhôte is an award nominated Director and Producer, and his career has earned him credits spanning commercials, music video and short film. As a Director, Ian created international campaigns for Gatorade, Puma, Nike, Pepsi, as well as promos for Mumford & Sons, Morcheeba, Jamie Cullum, Tom Jones, amongst many others. He has extensive experience working with entertainment and sports celebrities, including Lionel Messi, David Luis, Tiger Woods, Blank Vlasic and Thierry Henry.

Having completed his first feature film ALLEYCATS, Ian has co-founded MISTFITS Entertainment and is now developing a few other projects including: CIVA, LAUNDRYMAN and a 2 part documentary for Arte called THE HISTORY OF THE DANCEFLOOR in co-production with Capa (France).

Alleycats follows Chris, a young bike messenger in London who witnesses a member of parliament seemingly murder a young woman. After a tragedy strikes, Chris’ sister Danni is on the case and desperately begins hunting down the missing pieces. The movie builds to its finale amidst an Alleycats race, the bicycle equivalent of a Fast & Furious race that take place all over scattered parts of the city.

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