Interview with Director Brad Epstein | Ripped

Ripped tells the story of two best friends, stoners, who stumble across some of the best kush available on the market. Actually, it’s not “available”, so much as earned. The hook for this particular brand of cannabis is that the CIA somehow harvested it out of somewhere in Area 51. That’s right, this is some top-secret alien weed.

As Harris and Reeves pass out in 1986, they awake 30 years later in the aged forms of Russell Peters and Faizon Love. Life has moved on, and the two friends are forced to confront their missed time by adapting to the leap in technology, opportunities that passed them by, and kicking off their own future. After reuniting with Harris’ long-lost ex (Alex Meneses), the guys decide to reinvest in their favorite pastime and open a restaurant that only serves chili…infused with pot.

For our interview, Ripped director Brad Epstein opens up about his decision to leave the studio exec lifestyle in his own past, and concentrate on his future as a filmmaker. As a producer on films like About a Boy and Dan in Real Life, Brad took a chance with his own career by pursuing Ripped and the world of independent cinema. We also discuss his reasoning for beginning this era of his career with a buddy pot comedy, casting Peters and Love, and where he wants to venture next.

A comedy about best friends coming to terms with the past, and a whole lotta ganja, take a listen to our exclusive interview with Ripped director, Brad Epstein.

Ripped is now available in limited theaters and on VOD. Find out more at

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Comedy that tells the story of two free spirited stoners who, after smoking some top secret pot created by the CIA in 1986, find themselves catapulted into 2016. With 30 years of their lives lost, our now balding and overweight friends use their uncomplicated enthusiasm to get their lives back on track and figuring out the modern world.

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