Interview with Director Matt Eskandari | 12 Feet Deep

12 Feet Deep follows Bree and Jonna – sisters with a complicated past – as they meet up at a local indoor pool. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the cover is closed with the sisters inside, trapped until the pool opens again the following morning. Forced to contend with the elements, as well as a custodian with a grudge, the sisters fight together in order to survive a brutal night of possible tragedy.

As Bree and Jonna, Nora-Jane Noone and Alexandra Park carry the weight of this story while navigating a limited opportunity for any physicality in their performances. As the night grows seemingly exponentially longer for the pair, they each elaborate on their respective characterizations in subtly astute ways. A tiny inflection here, a nod to past indiscretions there, each of these descriptive choices combine to form a relationship the audience comes to believe in. After Clara (Diane Farr) enters the picture as a potential linchpin to the duo’s escape, Bree and Jonna finally begin to understand the fundamental strength lying within their relationship.

With 12 Feet Deep, co-writer and director, Matt Eskandari, sought to craft a film that takes a simplistic premise and explores the nuances of the human psyche as it faces certain death. The film is a taut thriller that benefits from both its skilled leads, as well as Matt’s rigid direction. For our interview, Matt discusses where the idea for the film emerged, casting the leads and Tobin Bell, as well as how he managed to create such an entertaining movie despite the obvious challenges of filming primarily in a covered pool.

12 Feet Deep is a harrowing tale from a director with a sharp eye for tension. Take a listen to our exclusive interview with director, Matt Eskandari.

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Sisters Bree and Jonah are unwittingly trapped under the fiberglass cover of an Olympic sized pool after it closes for the holiday
weekend. With the chilling cold of night settling in and her sister growing weaker with every passing hour, Jonah must reconcile her past guilt and find the hidden strength she has buried inside her. Only after confronting the “monsters” inside and out, do the sisters have any chance of surviving.

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