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Haze is writer and director David Burkman’s take on fraternity and sorority hazing. Shortly after another pledge has died while being hazed, we follow Nick, a new pledge who takes us through this journey of humiliation, debauchery, and occasionally brotherhood. We also follow Mimi, Nick’s best friend who pledges to the affiliate sorority so she can be closer to Nick. Unlike Nick, this doesn’t mean as much to Mimi, it’s simply a way to keep them together.

The film follows both of them as they engage in numerous obstacles, parties, and even crimes, all while forgetting to handle their studies, and ultimately leads up to Hell Week. Also, Nick’s brother Pete is trying to bust the fraternity doing anything that will bring them down.

For our exclusive interview, writer and Director David Burkman dropped by to break down his new film and why college hazing was such a personal story to tell. We discuss making the film, as well as how realistic many of these hazing rituals actually are. Don’t miss Haze – now available on VOD and in selected theaters – nor this interview with David Burkman.

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Nick Forest, a college freshman, wants nothing more than to join a fraternity. However, in the wake of a brutal hazing death on campus, his estranged older brother, Pete, is rallying against the Greek system. Nick ignores Pete’s protests and rushes Psi Theta Epsilon, notorious for its rumored hazing practices. As Nick begins the pledging process, he relishes the bonding and the partying, especially with Sophie, an irresistible sorority tease. When Nick’s close friend, Mimi, struggles with her own sorority experience, and his fraternity’s rumored hazing turns dangerously real, Nick begins to question everything. But is he in too deep? A modern retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Dionysus — the god of wine, revelry, and ecstasy — HAZE is a raw, shocking glimpse into a world of institutionalized savagery and into the heart of a young man driven by a desperate need for acceptance and brotherhood.

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