Interview with Director Anthony Sabet | One Last Night

On their first date, Alex and Zoe (Rachele Schank and Luke Brandon Field) adventure out to see a movie at a local theater. After the film, the couple find themselves trapped inside the theater for the night. Their adventure starts out light and comical as they search for an escape and quickly find themselves falling for one another. As they search for an escape, an unexpected twist abruptly changes the course of the night.

For this exclusive interview, Aaron sits down with the director of “One Last Night“, Anthony Sabet. An up-and-coming filmmaker, Anthony discusses his path from abroad to LA, his pursuit of his dream to create this film, as well as how a personal event helped shaped this story that now exists.

One Last Night is releasing to film festivals currently, and look for it soon in other release options. Take a listen to our interview with director, Anthony Sabet.

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