Scott Clark

I’m often referred to as the everyman of our show, due to my open-minded approach to film and television. Whether it is tentpole spectacle or an indie arthouse showcase, I approach the podcast and reviews just as I perceive most of you do. A host and reviewer with The Hollywood Outsider since 2011, you can also find me discussing gaming culture on The Gaming Outsider.

Wonder | Film Review


"Wonder" stars Jacob Tremblay, Juliea Roberts, and Owen Willson and tells the emotional story of 5th grade boy with mandibulofacial dysostosis who deals with entering a mainstream school for the first time.

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The Emoji Movie | Film Review

I was in the minority of people who were actually looking forward to checking out The Emoji Movie in theaters. To me, it seemed like a cute premise with the potential for some technology laughs here and there. I walked into the theater with high hopes. Although I don’t share in the high level of disdain for this film as …

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