Remake This Movie RIGHT! | A Hollywood Outsider Podcast

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A podcast where we remake classic Hollywood films for modern movie audiences

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Weird Science | Remake This Movie RIGHT!

weird science

Listen to this episode of the Remake This Movie RIGHT! podcast as we build a modern-day version of the John Hughes classic, Weird Science.

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Ted 2 (2015) | Movie Review

ted 2 movie

Ted 2 reunites Mark Wahlberg with his magical teddy bear (Seth MacFarlane) as Ted sets off to gain his civil rights. Here is our review.

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Ep 193 | The Inside Out of Directing

inside out

Listen to this episode as we discuss directors, our spoiler-free review of Inside Out, looking ahead to Terminator Genisys and much more!

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Trailers | Sicario | Daddy’s Home


Watch the latest trailers for two exciting upcoming films here: Sicario and Daddy's Home

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Introduction To The Show | Remake This Movie RIGHT!

Remake This Movie Right Logo Medium

Listen here as Aaron explains our new podcast, Remake This Movie RIGHT!, and what the future holds.

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Creep (2015) | Movie Review

creep movie

Creep is the latest movie throwing its hat into the found footage ring. Do Mark Duplass & Patrick Brice relight the spark? Read our review.

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Wayward Pines | A Book Series Review

wayward pines

Wayward Pines has been exciting viewers all summer on FOX, but how are Blake Crouch's books that the TV show is based on?

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Ep 192 | Movie Dads and Jurassic World Reaction Podcast

jurassic world

'What makes a great movie dad?' is our topic this week. We also review and discuss Jurassic World, Game of Thrones finale, and much more.

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Jurassic World (2015) | Movie Review

jurassic world logo

The Park is open again, is it worth the return trip? Read on for our review of Jurassic World

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